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About us

As the specialist in blasting & painting engineering area, Kholee Blast, Yancheng Dafeng Sanxing Machinery Co., Ltd, devotes itself in providing better design and products for our client in surface finishing industry all over the world.

Kholee Blast provides a 'one-stop convenient shopping' for all your surface finishing requirements, shot blasting (wheel blasting), sand blasting machines, blasting and painting booths, painting production line, Vacuum Recovery machine, Air Cooled Dehumidifier, dust collectors and blasting abrasives etc. Besides engaging in the business of blasting equipment and accessories, Kholee Blast also distributes airless paint sprayer, air compressor and UHP water jetting with partners as understanding the client's requirements.

These products are widely used in the industries of shipyard, marine offshore, oil & gas tank, earthwork construction machinery, steel structures, castings, forgings, automotive engineering and heat treatment etc.

Thanks to KHOLEE experienced technical team, quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency have already been considered even at the very beginning of product development.

KHOLEE, a firm and reliable partner. Take on us!




Contact:Carl Chen

Phone: +86-139 1469 8671


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