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  • Abrasive Blast Machine for Blasting Chamber
  • Abrasive Blast Machine for Blasting Chamber
  • Abrasive Blast Machine for Blasting Chamber
Abrasive Blast Machine for Blasting ChamberAbrasive Blast Machine for Blasting ChamberAbrasive Blast Machine for Blasting Chamber

Abrasive Blast Machine for Blasting Chamber

  • Place Of Origin: China
  • Working Type: Air Blasting
  • Usage: Remov Rust, Oxide Layers, Paint Film
  • Application: Blasting
  • Product description:Kholee Blast provides a comprehensive range of abrasive blast machines, abrasive blasters for blasting chamber with good price and high quality, available with portable and fixed type

The abrasive blasting system is composed of abrasive blasting machine, blasting hoses, blasting nozzles, remote controller and protective clothes for operators.

Abrasive blasting machine adopts double bins double/four blasting nozzles type continuous working type by our company. It has 2 / 4 pcs of high speed blasting nozzles and no need to stop to feed Steel Shots/grits into abrasive blasting machine. The abrasive blasting machine adopts unique electrical circuit and air pipelines which can do shot blasting and air cleaning functions. The main parts of abrasive blasting machine are as follows:

★ The blasting pot is manufactured by experted company in pressure vessel. It adopts top and bottom bins structure and shots-feed inlet, shots out-feed outlets, examine window and two level indicator for top and bottom bins.

★ The one core part of abrasive blasting machine is abrasive control valves. Its importance is to control the open and shut of shots, adjust the volume of steel shots/grits.

The abrasive control valve adopted by our company is a new advanced product from CLEMCO. The characters have reliable quality, easy adjustment and maintenance, large shots volume, high efficiency and long life service. The open and shut of this abrasive control valve are controlled by compressed air. The process flow: when there is air pressure signal in control position, the piston will bring valve pin move up, the abrasive control valve opens. By adjusting the position of adjusted device, it can adjust the shots volume. The shots volume can be adjusted stepless control. The valve pin and valve shield which contacted with abrasive are made of hard alloy tungsten carbide. It prolongs the service life of abrasive control valve.

★ The blasting nozzle is designed by our company. It is a venturi shape blasting nozzle. When the air jet enters the shrink of blasting nozzle, the air jet will accelerate till sound velocity; when the air jet reaches the straight part of venturi nozzle, the air jet speed will be kept sound velocity; when the air jet reaches the expansion part of venturi nozzle, the air jet will accelerate to supersonic speed. At the expansion part of venturi nozzle, there is secondary fill pores in circle. During supersonic speed, the air jet will expand rapidly and the blasting nozzle will absorb large quantity of air from fill pores and accelerate steel shots/grits further. Compared with common blasting nozzle, the working efficiency can be improved by 50% (Max productivity 35m2/h, normal productivity 18m2/h). The recoil force is small and easy operation. All parts of this kind blasting nozzle is made of boron carbide and long life service about 800~1000hrs.

★ The level indicator is used to check the shots volume in blasting pot. The top and lower level indicators are the key control elements of automatic continuous working type abrasive blasting machine. When the level of shots is lower than lower level indicator, the abrasive blasting machine will feed the steel shots into blasting pot automatically; when the level indicator reaches top level indicator, it will stop feeding the steel shots/grits into blasting pot. Our company adopts Japan KANSAI touch type level indicator of good quality and reliable. Its characters have high sensor, stable property, easy installation. It is widely used in checking powder and granule.

Appendix Abrasive Blasting Machine Property






Double Bin Continuous Working

Dia. of blasting pot




Height of blasting machine




Volume of blasting pot




Qty of blasting nozzles

2 pcs

2 pcs

4 pcs

Dia. of blasting nozzle

Φ 8~10mm

Φ 8~10mm

Φ 8~10mm


15~35m2/h ×2

15~35m2/h × 2

15~35m2/h × 4

Compressed Air Consumption

6.5m3/min × 2,


6.5m3/min × 2,


6.5m3/min × 4,


Control Type

Remote Control, Electric / Pneumatic Control


Inspect the abrasive volume in abrasive blasting machine by top and bottom level indicator to command shots control valve feed abrasive into blasting pot. During this process flow, it does not need to stop the sand blasting machine and compressed air to achieve continuously working. Thus it improves at least 30% productivity.




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