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  • KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System
  • KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System
KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery SystemKL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System

KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System

  • Place Of Origin: China
  • Working Type: Vacuum Suction
  • Usage: blast cleaning
  • Application: Blasting Painting
  • Product description:KL-VR-90 Portable Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System from Kholee Blast is used to recovery steel shots, grits, garnet, copper slag after blasting. It is widely used in Shipyard, Marine Offshore, Oil & Ga

The conventional method of recovering spent abrasives is both labor intensive and time consuming, while the fastest and most cost-effective method of cleaning up spent abrasives is by vacuuming recovery.

Working Principle

KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery system is designed to recover spent recyclable abrasives from a blasting area into a silo for subsequent return to the blast cleaning equipment or, in the case of expendable abrasives, for disposal into a waste hopper. After depositing the abrasive into the silo, the vacuum flow containing air and dust continues on to the suction unit, where the dust particles in this stream are removed by high performance filter cartridges prior to exhausting air to atmosphere.

Standard Safety Features

- System automatically shuts-off to prevent damage to the vacuum producer when the suction hose is choked up with abrasives and when the electric motor’s current rises above a certain pre-determined value.

- Cyclone is equipped with full-tank sensor to shut down the vacuum machine when it is full and prevent overloading of abrasives in the dust collector. Silo full-tank sensor available as an option.

- An emergency ‘STOP’ button, when depressed, will automatically cut off all electrical supply.


To recovery Steel Shots, grits and garnet after blasting and widely used in the industry of shipbuilding, ship repair, big tank internal blasting etc.


KL-VR-90 Abrasive Vacuum Recovery System

Electrical Motor

90kw Star Delta

Air Flow

60m3/min @-450mmHg

Max Vacuum



Over vacuum protection by vacuum relief valve

Vacuum Pump

KFM Korea | ANLET Japan

Dust Collector

PLC control Pulse Jet Clean Type Dust Collector

Periodical Air Reverse Jet

Compressed air

0.6~0.8Mpa, 1.0m3/min

Dust Emission Density


Electrical Control

PLC Auto Control, IP54 Protection

380V/415V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3Ph

Noise Level

85dB(A) @ Radius 5m

Equipment Size


Shots silo Capacity

10 tons. Φ1700×3150mm

Abrasive Recovery Capacity

6~10 t/hr

40m vertical suction,

15m horizontal Machine to silo

Supply Scope of Equipment

- Vacuum Recovery Machine, 1 unit

- Abrasive Collection Tank,1 unit

- Vacuum Hose 6

- Shots Suction Hose 4”/ 5”

- Dust Suction Hose, 2”




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