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Air Cooled Dehumidifier with Desiccant Rotor Exported to Oman

Kholee Blast successfully awards 6 unit of 18000CMH Eco-friendly Air Cooled Dehumidifier with desiccant rotor from Oman Drydock Company in Oman for their blasting painting application. Because of high temperature and high relative humidity in Oman, heavy work and time limited, they must need dehumidifiers to control temperature and RH% during blasting painting. It is a necessary equipment for shipyard.

Because Oman Drydock is in Oman which has the tropical desert climate, the temperature can reach upto 45°C even 50°C and RH is also high in Summer, thus it requires big capacity of compressor with big refrigerating output; However, in winter, the temperature can be low to 10°C, when compressor system is big, it will work stable when temperature is low.

Consider above factors for Oman special tropical desert climate, our professional engineers design air cooled dehumidifier with desiccant rotor using new technologies like Eco-friendly refrigerant R13A, double compressors to support stable operation in low and high temperature, condensing heater to save energy during operation.

Therefore, our dehumidifier has following advantages like eco-friendly, energy saving, stable operation etc. It is a dehumidifier speical for Oman and Middle East Region.

We sincerely hope our 6 unit of eco-friendly air cooled dehumidifier with desiccant rotor will work well and support Oman Drydock Company to finish their blasting painting project in Oman.




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