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Shipbuilding Type Dehumidifier Exported to UAE

KHOLEE BLAST awards 5 units of KL-LFZ12000EF-E Eco-Friendly Air Cooled Dehumidifiers for our client in UAE. The dehumidifier is specially designed for Middle East Region which can work at climate of high temp & high RH climate; With Special design, it can do stable working when temp & RH is low.

The 12000CMH eco-friendly air cooled dehumidifier special for Middle East Region has following characters:

1) R134A refrigerant gas which is special for dehumidifier working at the regioni of desert tropical climate such Middle East Region.

2) REFCOMP Screw Compressor, 25% start - 50% - 75% - 100%, energy saving

3) Condensing Pre-Heater: when temperature is low, big capacity of refrigerating system can not work stable. Our design will use waste heat from refrigerating system to pre-heat the inlet air. By this design, it can improve stability of compressor. Thus, our DH can support stable working when temperature is ≤25°C.

4) Condensing after-heater: when temperature is higher than 25°C,the condensing after heater will work to heat the air after evaporator. By this design, it will take place of electrical heater. Each hour, it will save about 45kw ~54kw. It will save a lot of electrical power and reduce operation cost. Also, the design of condensing after heater will improve the refrigerating output which will support dehumidifier work in high temperature & high RH%.

5) Touch Screen + PLC control, easy operation.

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